Research Outputs

Training the Analytical Eye: Video Annotation for Dance

Theatre, Dance and Performance Training
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Opera, improvisation and empowerment: a creative and pedagogical methodology

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Dance load, well-being and injury in collegiate Irish and contemporary dancers: A prospective study

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Expertise in evaluating choreographic creativity: An online adaption of the Consensual Assessment Technique

Frontiers of Psychology
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Expertise in Evaluating Choreographic Creativity: An Online Variation of the Consensual Assessment Technique

Frontiers in Psychology
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Nancarrow’s Drum Machines

Dominic Murcott
Journal Article, 2020

Influence of movement quality on heart rate while performing the Dance-Specific Aerobic Fitness Test (DAFT) in Pre-professional contemporary dancers

Medical Problems in Performing Artists
Tiemens, A., van Rijn, R.M., Wyon, M.A, Redding, E. & Stubbe, J.H.
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Unsettling Materials: Lively Tensions in Learning Through ‘Set Materials’ in the Dance Technique Class

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Illuminating constellations of peer mentoring: the case of Music programmes in Higher Education

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Playing the Bridge, exploring the sonic potential of Hull’s swing bridge as a giant musical instrument

Bridge: Heritage of Connecting Places and Cultures
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