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This article outlines the steps to correctly set up permissions on Trinity Laban Research Online (TLRO) as a researcher to enable you to upload your own research and research data.

Set up Researcher permissions

You will only have to set up permissions once
Once these are set, you will not have to set these again
  1. Login to TLRO using your normal Trinity Laban username and password (the same you use for Moodle).The login form on Trinity Laban Research Online
  2. Once logged in, select the button under the heading “Add your own research” which says “Add content”.Once logged in, select the "Add content" button
  3. This will now ask if you’re a Researcher or a Student. Select the option “Add Researcher permissions”.Select the "Add Researcher permissions"
  4. Fill in the form, including the section relating to ORCID ID, and then hit the “submit” button. Please note that this form determines the way that you are referred to on TLRO (ie, on your Researcher page).
    Researcher details form
  5. Once submitted, you’ll see a confirmation. Confirmation of permissions
  6. You’re now set up to:

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