Unstable Acts of Matter / Rachel Lopez De La Nieta (2019)

Unstable Acts of Matter

Author: Rachel Lopez De La Nieta

Course: MA Creative Practice

Year: 2019

Keywords: Buddhism, Creative process, Embodiment, Performance based research,


Unstable Acts of Matter is an investigation into ways of being in performance with Slime. This document engages through examining the collaborative and creative approaches that lead to a performance event, that formed part of my final MA project. The research investigates the notion of a ‘radical openness’ in making processes, where establishing the right amount of tension between intervention and ‘leaving things as they are’ is examined. Through the dialogues between embodied approaches and Tibetan Buddhist thought the document slides about in time, reflecting something of the nature of the substance we were working with.

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Lopez De La Nieta, Rachel. (2019). Unstable Acts of Matter (Masters’ theses). Retrieved https://researchonline.trinitylaban.ac.uk/oa/thesis/?p=1340