“Pearlesce.” A Question of Space. / Jo Montgomery (2019)

"Pearlesce." A Question of Space.

Author: Jo Montgomery

Course: MFA Choreography

Year: 2019

Keywords: Body, Perception (Philosophy), Space, Space -- social aspects, Space perception,


The second line of this project’s title, describes the nature of the project (the first line is maybe less helpful). It was a question of space. The aim being to examine the notion of space from multiple perspectives and to discover what might link them. Or what might be the insight, as a choreographic, of that endeavour.

As such, it roamed. The perspectives were disparate. And the result far from expected.

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Montgomery, Jo. (2019). "Pearlesce." A Question of Space. (Masters’ theses). Retrieved https://researchonline.trinitylaban.ac.uk/oa/thesis/?p=1347