The dance’s pre-hab : a guide to approaching a creative process / Marcus Alessandrini (2017)

The dance's pre-hab : a guide to approaching a creative process

Author: Marcus Alessandrini

Course: MA Dance Performance

Year: 2017

Keywords: Creative process, Dance - Technique, Dance--Physiological aspects, Mindfulness, Performance analysis, Performance based research,


The research project undertaken aims to address the statement ‘How do I prepare for the creative process?’ The centre of my investigation revolves around identifying techniques, tools and activities that may support dancers in the preparation for working in a variety of creative processes. It aims to examine expert findings in the fields of mindfulness, psychology, dance and sports science alongside identifying the personal preparation techniques undertaken by the dancers of Transitions Dance Company 2017 for the three creative processes the company experienced over 2016 – 2017. Additionally, three personally devised creative sessions were implemented and analytically explored. The ensuing thesis aims to reveal possible strategies and suggestions for creative process preparation, ideally suited but not restricted to young pre – professional dancers nearing completion of dance studies or recent graduates.

The findings and research were presented in a Lecture demonstration on the 28/09/2017 at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance before a small audience with an open Question and Answer session at its conclusion.

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Alessandrini, Marcus. (2017). The dance's pre-hab : a guide to approaching a creative process (Masters’ theses). Retrieved