A body rites itself / Fernanda Munoz-Newsome (2017)

A body rites itself

Author: Fernanda Munoz-Newsome

Course: MA Creative Practice

Year: 2017

Keywords: Body as discourse, Choreographic process, Choreographic research, Movement philosophy and aesthetics, Performance based research,


This thesis engages with a process through creating a solo practice into making and performing a body rites itself as my final MA Project. The reader is guided through my experience of performing the work, inside the shape and structure of the choreography itself. I also reflect into relative points in the process, whilst relating to my ‘companions’; specific writers, performance artists, and choreographers who inspired my practice, making and reflecting process’s. I am unraveling a conventional body, giving voice to the unruly bodies emerging.

a body rites itself was made from an ongoing practice into un-socialising and de-constraining multiple voice-bodies moving from a singular sensual, unruly body. A practice of moving into unknown spaces, the liminal in-between self and society. Through a process of invagination, following desire and pleasure into communicability, friction and slippery substance into non-fixity, I ask what remains?

public bodies — substance consists of — unruly bodies — substance consists of — radical bodies — substance consists of — ancient bodies

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Munoz-Newsome, Fernanda. (2017). A body rites itself (Masters’ theses). Retrieved https://researchonline.trinitylaban.ac.uk/oa/thesis/?p=213