Playgrounds! / Edoardo Mozzanega (2017)


Author: Edoardo Mozzanega

Course: MA Creative Practice

Year: 2017

Keywords: Choreographic process, Choreographic research, Performance based research, Play - Psychological aspects, Play theories,


This submission consists of two separate but correlated outputs, through which the author, Edoardo Mozzanega, investigates practically and theoretically the role of playfulness, eroticity, curiosity and desire in his artistic practice.

The two outputs are:
a live performance, PLAYGROUND!, and a written document, consisting of a contextual and methodological premise and a glossary, A fantastical etymological dictionary or a philosophical glossary for a new erotic discourse or just a play of words or just play!.

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Mozzanega, Edoardo. (2017). Playgrounds! (Masters’ theses). Retrieved