Performing stillness : an exploration into the overlooked / Becky Horne (2017)

Performing stillness : an exploration into the overlooked

Author: Becky Horne

Course: MA Dance Performance

Year: 2017

Keywords: Audiences, Performance analysis, Performance based research, Performance--Psychological aspects, Time perception,


Born out of the researcher’s inability to find comfort in stillness, Performing stillness: An exploration into the overlooked examines and makes inquiries into the infrequently studied action of stillness within the context of contemporary dance performance. By discussing the place of stillness in society, the arts and dance performance, it becomes clear that context impacts its purpose and nature.
The study acknowledges the fluctuations in one’s perception of time and how an increase in value given to a particular stillness influences its outcome. It also investigates the effects of dividing stillness into its component parts. The research provides evidence of the difficulties that arise when attempting to articulate thoughts pertaining to performing when still. It continues by exploring the importance of and the subtleties surrounding language, vocabulary and articulation. Consequently, the development of the included stillness glossary contributes significantly. When examining ways in which a performer a can direct themselves and be directed by others in stillness, the research considers the performer’s experience, choreographic demand and the audience’s impression.
For this research project, data was collected through various methods, using theoretical and practice-based research as vehicles for the investigation. The outcomes reflect the process – they are presented both in this written document and as part of a physical sharing, also entitled Performing stillness: An exploration into the overlooked, performed at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in September 2017. The product is not one simple answer; instead, it is an initial conversation which recognises the subject’s complexities, provides insight into these intricacies and outlines the necessity for refinement.

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Horne, Becky. (2017). Performing stillness : an exploration into the overlooked (Masters’ theses). Retrieved