We dance towards sustainability. Or do we? / Adam Moore (2017)

We dance towards sustainability. Or do we?

Author: Adam Moore

Course: MFA Creative Practice

Year: 2017

Keywords: Audience response, Choreographic process, Choreographic research, Dance and society, Performance based research, Site-specific dance,


Healing fragmented realities is an ongoing concern within my Creative Practice. I want to heal closures I perceive between my work as a Movement Artist and life. Sharing is one way of healing these closures. Within this work my collaborators and I will share our artistic expertise, creative processes, research and history with you. Perhaps we can decrease the gap between us and you, and all of our individual felt experiences of this work in the time that we are together? Healing these closures, among other things, can be considered a move towards sustainability.

Reflexivity is a practice we will share with you which we can all do together. Increasing events of the appearance of this practice is another move towards sustainability, for each of us. This is a cyclical process of action and reflection. If you observe us performing and think about what activity you might be able to practice with us, and then begin that activity, and then think about the impact of that on the work – you become part of an event of reflexivity. You might not want to, within the work we offer you this.

We would like you to be part of this move towards sustainability with us, healing closures between and engaging with reflexive practice, in the here and now of where the work happens. We acknowledge and welcome the unique variation and complexity you bring to the work as a human being. We warmly welcome you to use technologies in the space, be it one’s own body, sound devices or video devices at the given time.

My collaborators and I move through 3 sequential points of performance activity. These emerged from an open ended collaboration of dance improvisation, live video and music composition between Composer James Taylor, Artist Luli Perez, and myself, Movement Artist Adam Moore.

A line on the floor separates two spaces. On one side the potential to activate the three points, on the other potential for observation of the three points.
3 points are sequentially performed once. Then a new element is introduced.
3 points are sequentially performed a second time
Healing Forward: 3 points, 2 cycles

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