Prof. Jonathan Owen Clark

Prof. Jonathan Owen Clark

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  • Research Board – Conservatoires UK (2008 – 2022)
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Clark, J.O., (2019) “Image Consciousness, Movement Consciousness” Midwest Studies in Philosophy, 44:1, 2019, pp 48-69.

Clark, J.O., Jackson, L.  (2019) “Aesthetic Education and the Phenomenology of Learning’ in Time and Space in the Neoliberal University, M.Breeze (ed.), Palsgrave Macmillan, 2019.

Clark, J.O., (2015) “Aesthetic Negativity and Aisthetic Traits” Critical Horizons, 16:1, 2015, pp 52-69.

Clark, J.O., Ando, T, (2014) “Geometry, Embodied Cognition and Choreographic Praxis”, International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media 10 (2), pp 179-192.

Clark, J.O., Duque, J.L, (2014) “Partitions and Partitioning in Contemporary Art”,  Contemporary Aesthetics, Vol. 12, 2014.

Clark, J.O., (2014) “The Voice and Early Modern Historiography: Reading Johannes Kepler’s Harmony of the World”, The Opera Quarterly. Special issue on ‘Opera and Philosophy’, McAuley, T. and Neilsen, N. (eds.), 29:3-4, pp 307-327.

Clark, J.O., (2013) “Aesthetic Experience, Subjective Historical Experience and the Problem of Constructivism”, Journal for the Philosophy of History, 7:1, pp 57-81.

Clark, J.O., (2013), “Dance and Intrinsic Significance: A Phenomenological Approach” in Thinking Through Dance: Philosophy of Dance Performance and Practices, Bunker, J., Pakes, A. and Rowell, B. (eds.), Dance Books, 2013.

Butcher, R., Clark, J.O., Wiliiams, S., (2012-13) , After Kaprow: Silent Room and Book of Journeys. Film/Mixed-Media Performance Installation by Rosemary Butcher (Choreography) ; Jonathan Owen Clark (Music Director); Sam Williams (Film Director); Anna Mira, Rosalie Wahlfrid (Performers). Dates: Bloomberg SPACE, London (Nov. 2011); The Place Theatre, London (Nov. 2012). Funded by the Arts Council of England/ South East Dance. URL:

Clark, J.O., Francone, M., Einarsdottir, H., Lamantia, V., (2012), Edge Park. Sound and DV Installation. Premiered at Fabbrica Europa Festival, Florence, May 2012. Funded by Fabbrica Europa, Vincenzo Casali Architecture and CFLI di Venezia.

Clark, J.O., (2011), “Dance and Subtraction: Notes on Alain Badiou’s Inaesthetics”, Dance Research Journal. Special Issue on ‘Dance and Phenomenology: Critical Appraisals’, Franko, M. (ed.), inaugural issue for Cambridge University Press, 43:2, pp 51-64.

Clark, J.O., (2009), “Non-Linear Dynamics of Networks: Applications to Mathematical Music Theory” in Klouche T., and Noll, T. (eds.), Proceedings of the First International Congress of Mathematics and Computation in Music: Revised Selected Papers, Berlin/Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag, 2009.

Clark, J.O., (2008), “On the Fetish Character of Musical Boundaries”, Kunst Musik: Schriften zur Musik als Kunst, No.10, Jan/Feb.

Clark, J.O., (2007), “Sound Spatialisation and Coupled Cell Networks”, in Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference, ICMC07 Copenhagen.

Clark, J.O., (2007), Bahnung. Sound Installation with Double DV Projection. Premiered at the Huset Magaestrade, Copenhagen, August 27th-31st.

Cheyenne, T., Clark, J.O., Kozel, S., Lovell, R., (2005), Immanence. Sound Design for Digital Media Installation. Prototype premiered at Scotiabank Dance Center, Vancouver BC, (November 2003). Subsequent full version commissioned by Studio XX, Montreal with support from the Canada Council for the Arts. Premiered at the Studio Hydro-Quebec, Moument-National, Montreal as part of the HTMLles: 7th Biennale of Cyber-Art, May 18th-21st.

Clark, J.O., (2005), Misere Nostri. Music for Vocal Ensemble. Commissioned by Red Byrd. Premiered at Firth Hall, Sheffield on 15th November.

Clark, J.O., (2004), Hidden States. Chamber Opera and Digital Media Installation. Performers: Paul Carey Jones, David Murray, Anna Stokes, Sarah Williamson, Peter Wiegold (conductor). Technical Producer: Jorg Stelkens. Supported by a Wellcome Trust SciArt Research and Development Award and a Research Fellowship from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Premiered at BALTIC, Gateshead on November 14th.

Clark, J.O., Eichelmann, V., Rust, R., (2003), Camouflage. Sound and DV Installation. Union Projects Gallery, London, June 2nd-9th.

Binns, P. and Clark, J.O., (2003), Surfacing. Sound and DV Installation. Supported by Arts Council of England Touring Grant. UK Tour: Collins Gallery, University of Strathclyde; Bury St Edmunds Art Gallery; Sussex University Gallery; The Study Gallery of Modern Art, Poole.

Clark, J.O., Kimura, K., Kozel, S., Lovell, R., Mochcovsky, P., Roth, S., Schiller, G., Wilson, S., (2001-2004 ), Trajets. Sound Design for Digital Media Interactive Installation. Artistic Directors: Susan Kozel and Gretchen Schiller. Supported and co-produced with The Banff Centre for the Arts as part of the Canadian Creative Innovation Initiative. The installation was supported by Stentor, The Canada Council for the Arts and The Banff Centre. The English tour was supported by the National Touring Programme of the Arts Council of England.The installation has been exhibited in England, including the ICA London, France, Germany, Denmark and Canada.

Clarke, G. and Clark, J.O., (2000), Byrd Made With Paperfolds. Music for Choreography. Performance was part of the Artist’s Development Initiative of the Royal Opera House. Performed at Clore Studio, Royal Opera House, June 2000.

Clark, J.O., Cullinane, L., Gibson, R., Kozel, S., Monteverde, M., Woolford, K., (1999), Contours. Sound Design for Digital Media Performance Installation. Supported and commissioned by South East Dance Agency, the Choreographic Laboratory of the Uni- versity of Surrey and Dance Screen 99 (Cologne). Production and tour costs were sup- ported by the Arts Council of England, South East Arts, the Ministry of Science for North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany), and the SK Culture Foundation(Germany).

Clark, J.O., Kozel, S.,Schiller, G., (1998), Ghosts and Astronauts. Sound Design for Performance Installation. Performers: Ruth Gibson, Anne Holst. Commissioned for the Digital Dancing platform of London Dance Umbrella (UK), produced by Terry Braun.

Butcher, R., Clark, J.O., Bramley, N., (1997-2002 ), Fractured Landscapes, Fragmented Naratives. Music, Film and Choreography. Performers: Henry Montes and Finn Walker. Supported by Arts Council, England. Original performances at the Gulbenkian Gallery, Royal College of Art; Riverside Studios, London (1997). Further performances at the Place Theatre, London; Tanzhalle, Bern; Tanzquartier, Vienna (2002).

Clark, J.O. and van Heeswijk, J., (1997), Break.Dance. Sound Installation. Commissioned by Andrew Renton/Cleveland Gallery, London and produced with funding from the Dutch Ministry of Culture. Installation sound available on CLEVER 03CD.

Clark, J.O., (1997), Acoustic Mirror. Sound Installation. Duende Gallery, Rotterdam. Funded by the Dutch Ministry of Culture as part of the Eye and the Ear festival.

Clark, J.O., (1994), “Mod 2 Cohomology of the Group U3(4)”, Communications in Algebra, 22:4.

Clark, J.O., (1993), “Cohomology of some Finite Groups”, DPhil Thesis, University of Oxford.

Recent Talks (Selected):

British Academy (Panel on ‘The Creative Process’, March 2012).

Inaugural Conference of the RMA Music and Philosophy Study Group, King’s College, London (July 2011); University of Roehampton (‘Thinking Through Dance’ Conference, Feb 2011).

Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies, IAS London (‘Crossing Boundaries’ Conference, Sept 2009).

Institute of Musical Research, IAS London (‘Empirical Musicology’ Conference, Apr 2008).

First International Congress of Mathematics and Computation in Music, Berlin (May 2007); ICMC Copenhagen (Aug 2007).

Member, International Dance Council CID at UNESCO, Paris (2013).


Research Income: Arts Council of England (Grants for the Arts-1997; 2012); Arts Council of England (Touring Grants- 2001; 2003); Bloomberg Arts (2011); Canada Council for the Arts (2001, 2005); Dutch Ministry of Culture (1997; 1998); London Dance Umbrella (1998); South-East Arts (1999, 2012); Wellcome Trust SciArt Award (2004).

Residencies and Awards:

Residency, Bloomberg SPACE, London (2011); Visiting Lecturer, Conservatorio di Musica, Perugia (2008); Visiting Research Fellow, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver (2003, 2005); Residency at Bluecoat, Liverpool (2001); Residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada (2000); Instrumental Scholar, Magdalen College Oxford (1990-1993).

Qualifications And Background

Appointments held:

2004-2008: Lecturer in Music and Director of Taught Postgraduate Studies, School of Arts, Brunel University, London;

2001-2004: Lecturer in Music and Director of Studios, International Centre for Music Studies, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne;

1996-2001: Head of Music Technology and Tutor in Composition. Purcell School of Music, London.


1993: DPhil in Mathematics, Magdalen College and Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford;

1992: MSc (by research) in Mathematics, Magdalen College and Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford;

1990: BA (1st class) in Pure Mathematics, University of Warwick;

2007: PGCert in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Brunel University.

Qualifications and Educational Background

Appointments held:

2004-2008: Lecturer in Music and Director of Taught Postgraduate Studies, School of Arts, Brunel University, London;

2001-2004: Lecturer in Music and Director of Studios, International Centre for Music Studies, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne;

1996-2001: Head of Music Technology and Tutor in Composition. Purcell School of Music, London.


1993: DPhil in Mathematics, Magdalen College and Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford;

1992: MSc (by research) in Mathematics, Magdalen College and Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford;

1990: BA (1st class) in Pure Mathematics, University of Warwick;

2007: PGCert in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Brunel University.