Mrs Melanie Clarke

Mrs Melanie Clarke

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Other Scholarly outputs

  • Book Clarke, Melanie. (2020a). The essential guide to contemporary dance techniques. Marlborough, Wilts.: Crowood Press. Clarke, Melanie. (2020b). The essential guide to contemporary dance techniques [electronic resource]. Marlborough, Wilts.: Crowood Press.

Creative Practice

  • Choreography Ode, (Commissioned by Trinity Laban). Dancer: Melanie Clarke. Composer: Michael Berkley Premiered: Bonnie Bird Theatre, Laban, London 6 Dec 2010
  • Choreography Both of View, Dancer: Melanie Clarke composer: Ronen Kozokaro. Bonnie Bird Theatre Nov 2010, London, Dance House Manchester May 2010
  • Choreography Architext, comission by Tanzcompagnie Giessen. Site specific work performed at the RatHaus, Giessen, Germany May 2009
  • Choreography Half of One, Dancer: Melanie Clarke, Composer: Angie Atmadjaja. TanzArt Geissen Festival, Germany, May 2008, Bonnie Bird theatre, London Nov 2008.
  • Choreography Too… Dancers: Joana Simas, Luisa Figueirola, Susanne Mayer, Adel Collyer, TanzArt Geissen Festival, Germany, June 2007, Bonnie Bird Theatre, London Nov 2008.
  • Choreography In the dark, Dancer: Melanie Clarke. Composer: Ronen Kozokaro, Scenographer: Gregor Knüppel. Premier: Bonnie Bird Theatre March 2nd 2005, the Nakano Zero Theatre, Tokyo April 2005; invited back to Bonnie Bird Theatre 22nd July 2005; Koblenz Stdttheater, Germany May 2006; TanzArt Geissen, Germany June 2006; Michaelis Theatre, Roehampton University Nov 2006.
  • Choreography Now Here. Dancers -Joana Simas and Jonathan Poole, Scenographer Nick Scott and fine artist Patrick Jones. Performance in APT Gallery, Deptford, July 2004.
  • Choreography Line, Circle, Loop, Dancers -Joana Simas, Zoi Dimitriou & Jonathan Poole, original score by Angie Atmadjaja. Bonnie Bird Theatre 2004
  • Choreography True. (Commissioned by Sadler's Wells). Collaborators: dancers –myself, Joana Simas, Chritsine Gonzalez Gillet, original score by Angie Atmadjaja. Lilian Baylis Theatre, Bonnie Bird Theatre May 2003
  • Choreography Spiral. dancers, Henrietta hale, Joana Simas, Melanie Clarke, original score by Angie Atmadjaja . The Place Theatre Feb 2002, Laban Centre London in May 2002, Lilian Baylis Theatre Sept 2003
  • Choreography 4Heads&Lines (with support from London Arts and Laban Centre London). Dancers -Melanie Clarke, Henrietta Hale, Pedro Machado and Joana Simas. Original score by Angie Atmadjaja. Bloomsbury Theatre 26th January 2001; Bonnie Bird Theatre, London May 2001
  • Choreography Obstacle, Dancers: Joana Simas, and Melanie Clarke. Musical composition: Angie Atmadjaja, Lighting Design: Helen Cain. Premiered at The Place Theatre 2000 , Bonnie Bird Theatre, London 2000.
  • Choreography Suite - Dancers: Joana Simas, Melanie Clarke, Composer: Angie Atmadjaja. Performed at Hinde Street Church June ’99 and in Mosaics ’99 at Jackson’s Lane.
  • Choreography Barred. Collaborators: Dancers Joana Simas, Diane and myself Performed at Bonnie Bird theatre May 1999, Hinde Street Church June ‘99, Jackson’s Lane Dance base as part of Mosaic’s ’99 August 1999, Almada International Dance Festival, Portugal November ‘99.

Other Activities

External Examiner role
  • University of Suffolk (Dance East) – BA (Hons) Dance (0)
  • Greenwich University (Bird College) – BA (Hons) Musical Theatre and Dance, (-6)
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  • SFHEA – Advance HE (2021)
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Other consultancy work
  • Leicester College, validated by DMU – External Specialist for Validation Panel of a new Level 6 qualification in Performance Arts (2011 – Present)
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  • 2020 Lizzi Kew Ross and Melanie Clarke: Process as the material of making. Craft and Art Symposium, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London.
  • 2017 “Combinations of Motion Factors as a Paradigm for Structured Improvisation in Contemporary Dance Practice”, at Labanarium conference, Guildford School of Acting, Surrey University, Jan 2017
  • 2013 essay disclosing the process of practical research into the re-creation of Rudolf Laban’s work “The Swinging Temple” 1922 in Preston-Dunlop, V. (2013) Laban Man of Theatre, Verve Publishing, London.
  • 2010 Kinesthetic Empathy 2010 Conference, Manchester; hosted by Watching dance.  Performance in conference of choreographic work -‘Both of View’ with Ronen Kozokaro
  • 2010 Clarke, M. & Kolff, J. “Perserving and reconstructing of Yvonne Rainer’s Trio A” in Preston-Dunlop, V. & Sayer, L.S. (2010) The Dynamic Body in Space: Exploring and developing Rudolf Laban’s Ideas for the 21st Hampshire. Dance Books Ltd
  • 2008 Notated extracts and Discussion of “88” by Siobhan Davies. Siobhan Davies Electronic Archive, Coventry University.         
  • 2008 “The notation and Reconstruction of Trio A”  Laban Today International Conference, Laban, London Oct 2008
  • 2005 “Trio A” with Joukje Kolff, International Council of Kinetography Laban, biennial conference. Paper published in Conference proceedings.
  • 2005 “Notating Intention in Release-based technique”, International Council of Kinetography Laban, biennial conference.  Paper published in Conference proceedings.
  • 2005 “Trio A” with Martin Hargreaves, Lecture demonstration explicating Laban’s Historical Project module with reference to the reconstruction of Trio A as an example.  Palatine Conference “Dance History Matters” Middlesex University June 2005.