Research Outputs

Group singing as a resource for the development of a healthy public: a study of adult group singing

Humanities and Social Sciences Communications
Dave Camlin, Helena Daffern & Katherine Zeserson
Journal Article, 2020

Beyond Beethoven: Performing early nineteenth-century compositions for piano and the natural horn

Music & Practice
Anneke Scott, John Chick and Arnold Myers
Journal Article, 2018

Good Pain, Bad Pain: Dancers, Injury, and Listening to the Body

Dance Research
Jen Tarr, Helen Thomas
Journal Article, 2020

Fit to Perform: A Profile of Higher Education Music Students’ Physical Fitness

Frontiers in Psychology
Araujo, L. S., Wasley, D., Redding, E., Atkins, L., Perkins, R., Ginsborg, J., Williamon, A.
Journal Article, 2020

Capturing the magic: a three-way dialogue on the impact of music on people and society

International Journal of Community Music
Camlin, D., Caulfield, L. & Perkins, R.
Journal Article, 2020

Image Consciousness, Movement Consciousness

Midwest Studies in Philosophy
Clark, J. O.
Journal Article, 2019

The Cor Solo: History and Characteristics

Historic Brass Society Journal
Anneke Scott, John Chick and Arnold Myers
Journal Article, 2019
Journal of Popular Music Education
Heyman, L., Perkins, R., Araújo, L.S.
Journal Article, 2019

Training the Analytical Eye: Video Annotation for Dance

Theatre, Dance and Performance Training
Stancliffe, R.
Journal Article, 2019

Opera, improvisation and empowerment: a creative and pedagogical methodology

Contemporary Music Review
Harries, G.
Journal Article, 2019